Change of View

2019 has been a very interesting and challenging year as a result it will probably be the same for this blog.  No, I don’t expect my posts to be more frequent, though I would like that.

As the one person who follows this blog knows we live at the confluence of the Yakima, Snake, and mighty Columbia rivers.  The nearest boat launch to our house is slightly over 2 miles from our door, yet my fishing for the 10 years we have lived here has focused on the rivers 2 hours away on the eastern slopes of the Cascade Mountains.  While I still love fly fishing for trout and floating these beautiful rivers, the logic of ignoring the fisheries at home appeared crazy to some (i.e., my wife).  Well, it often takes externally sourced ideas a good deal of time to sink in to my skull and this one was no exception.  So, I started looking into the feasibility of buying a boat adequate for fishing the “big water” close at hand.

In case you haven’t looked, boats are VERY expensive.  Well, actually, boats are somewhat expensive and the motors are VERY expensive.  The reality for this semi-retired guy to afford an adequate fishing boat made used boats the reality.  Over many weeks as I studied the options available funds it was clear I would have to dial back my expectations.  Then there is also the “Only one toy, Steve!” rule which meant my cherished (and paid for) travel trailer would have to go.  That part of the process went amazingly smooth and off to Western Montana it went on a cool spring morning – a sad day, indeed.


rear view of a boy sitting on grassland

So I’m back to tent camping, but have a new (too me) toy that has changed up fishing routine and techniques since July.  This summer has been scouting out bass and walleye and messing with dropshotting.  Eventually, I will work on getting rigged for salmon and steelhead.

20190702_165652 Collage.jpg
2015 Lund Fury 1625 XL

The Fury came with a 50 hp Mercury and 8 hp Mercury kicker (useful when I get to chasing salmon).  I added a Bimini top, 24-volt Minn Kota trolling motor, and dual bank on-board charger.  Pretty much all I need to fish the big water.

Best of all it has allowed me to easily introduce our grandson, Ryan, to boating and fishing.

I can only hope to foster in him a lover for both, as my father did for me.


1 thought on “Change of View

  1. Always love reading your accounts of the things you love, Steve! (ex. Ryan, fishing, Ryan, boating, Ryan, Dad, Ryan, etc.) LOL! Keep them coming! I especially love your pictures of The Three Musketeers (you, Dad and the Bear)! Barry really misses those times!

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