Fly Fisherman’s Busy Winter

A fly fisherman’s winter is traditionally considered a time to reflect on the past season and prepare for the next.  That preparation includes replenishing supplies of leaders, worn lines, and, of course, flies.  Maybe even splurge on the latest technology in fly rods.

This winter has been, until recently, rather mild and I should have done more fishing than tying.  However, I get a lot of enjoyment from trying new patterns and techniques and the internet, namely YouTube, is a huge treasure trove of such information filmed in great detail.  My favorite is Tim Flagler’s videos at tightlinevideo.

It has been quite some time since I have done much tying; years actually.  So, one goal this winter was also to regain the muscle memory for the various techniques I use and, more importantly, gain consistency in dimensions of my flies.

Progress has been made in filling new fly boxes…

Lake flies
Lake flies – time to figure out how to fish trout lakes.
more lake flies
A few more lake flies.
nymph box
Nymph fishing is ‘my thing’.

Full disclosure: Not all of these were tied this winter.  Some are transplanted from existing supplies.

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