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I have been pondering this for some time, well actually, I’ve been trying to decide how much time and effort to put into this blog.  Today I pulled the trigger on upgrading the site to allow more flexibility and hopefully making a more readable platform.  It will probably be limited by my lack of web development skills.

Why?  I have been using Facebook extensively since leaving NY family and friends to remain in touch, which has worked nicely for that purpose.  However, the negatives of that medium in fermenting the divisiveness in our society is more than I care to expose myself to on a daily basis.  I realize I will never be able to convince my family and friends to go back to communicating through email, so I hope to use my blog as my side of a conversation.  This may seem a bit self-indulgent, but at least anyone willing to look will know what we are up to.  Expect a good deal of fly fishing, camping. rivers, and, of course, the adventures of Super Buddy (grandson Ryan’s preferred title).

As this goes forward, I would greatly appreciate input on how the site looks and your honest thoughts on the content.  Thanks, Steve


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1 thought on “Upgrading blog

  1. Steve, Go for it! I’m really going to enjoy listening to you!

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